Telephone answering service Australia – peace of mind during your holiday

ur telephone answering service is Australia-based support for your business. One of our most popular services, we provide call answering for a wide range of clients. Some only use us once a year to cover the telephone answering while they’re abroad. Others use Get Ahead for other services and bolt on telephone answering when they need it. 

In this blog, we look at how an outsourced telephone answering service can help your business and how it works in practice


How does a telephone answering service help your business? 

The invention of smart phones means that fewer people need an answering service than in days gone by. But telephone answering is still an essential business tool, particularly if you’re a solopreneur or work alone. Yes, you can answer your phone while you’re on holiday, but what if you’re swimming in the sea, meditating on a retreat or screaming on a roller coaster with your amazing family?! 

A proper holiday is one where you don’t take work calls. You need to recharge your batteries and reconnect with both you and the people you care about. Ultimately, it helps your business too. When you go back to work refreshed, you’ll be able to give your business and customers the attention they deserve. This will often translate into business growth. Trust us, breaks are important! 

So, what you do you do instead of answering a work call? You don’t want to just leave your customers a recorded message. Quite frankly, it’s not good customer service. It’s impersonal and one message might not fit all callers. If your customers need reassurance, there’s no one to give it. And if disaster strikes, you won’t hear about it until you get back.

But an Australia-based telephone answering service offers a better solution.  The call will be answered by a real person, working as an extension of your business. They can take messages and provide reassurance that you will deal with the query on your return. They can defuse difficult calls and – if necessary – contact you to report emergencies. 

How does a telephone answering service work?

Our telephone answering service works like this. If you’re new to Get Ahead, connect with us here to get started. For our existing Get Ahead clients, simply reach out to your usual point of contact. We will gather information about your holiday duration, your preferred message for the call handler, and any necessary actions they should take.

Then, you just need to redirect your work phone number to our call centre (rest assured, the process is straightforward, and comprehensive instructions will be provided). Our call handlers will answer calls using your business name and the professional greeting of your choice. They will take messages, and when you return to your desk, the messages will be there, waiting for you.

P.S. Planning a holiday for tomorrow? No need to worry – we can get you set up with our phone answering team in as little as 24 hours!