Who are Get Ahead – and why choose an Australian Based Team for your outsourced business support?

Rebecca Newenham and Marie Peters looking at Get Ahead VA postcard

Get Ahead was created in 2010 by business woman, Rebecca Newenham in the UK. Since then, Get Ahead has grown through the opening of regional offices across the UK, where it now provides outsourced business support to over 100 clients at any one time. Rebecca is excited about the launch of the Australian venture.

Our vision for the business is simple. 

To ensure any business in Australia – small or large – has the opportunity to tap into the right virtual support to help them achieve their goals. That’s why Get Ahead focus on the following three principles:

Outsourcing with simplicity

When you need an outsourcing service provider, you haven’t got time to meet with numerous potential suppliers and get into the detail of their expertise.

So, Get Ahead focus on making the whole process simple, easy and painless for you.

For example, if you have a project coming up, like creating a new website, you only have to make one phone call to us and your local director can do the rest. They’ll find your web designer, graphic designer, copywriter, digital marketing specialist and anyone else you need, and present you with a ready-made team to take your online presence to the next level. At the start of working with us, you’ll receive just one contract, and you’ll also receive just one invoice each month. How’s that for simplicity?

Outsourcing for quality

We can vouch for the experience and expertise of each and every one of our team of experts.

They have all been selected to be the very best in their field.

So, whether you need a social media management service, a book-keeper, a PR expert, someone to provide Zoom support, a virtual assistant or any other kind of virtual support, you can be confident that you’ll be tapping into a wealth of knowledge and experience – and that the work will be completed to the very highest standard. 

We also believe that the quality of the expert we provide is only as good as their fit with your business. That’s why we also ask you at the outset about what type of person you need, so we can select the right person from our team to ensure your virtual support is a perfect match to you and your team.

Outsourcing with flexibility

We can’t think of anything worse than committing a client to a minimum number of hours, or tying them into a lengthy contract period.

That’s why we have no minimum hours and no tie-in – our clients use our support services because they find them valuable, not because they have to.

And often they choose to extend our remit, for example, using our admin support services initially, before moving onto using our marketing support services. As an outsourcing service provider, we aim to ensure we have the right expert for any need you might have. We certainly haven’t found one yet that we can’t meet!

Who do Get Ahead help with their outsourced virtual support?

We couldn’t explain who we are without talking about our wonderful clients. They range from the small to the big, the newly-established to the well-established. They’re based all over the UK and Australia. But they have one thing in common – the need for outstanding outsourced business services to enable them to meet their business goals.

You can read testimonials from our clients here – or we’re very happy to put you in touch with a client, if you would like to chat directly to them about what it’s like to work with us.


Case Study - Revitalising Teams

Revitalising Teams is now a Sydney-based corporate wellbeing business, created to improve teamworking and create positive working environments.

In 2022, Koula Enev, Revitalising Teams’ founder, had her job in banking made redundant. However, like many in the Get Ahead family, she embraced the opportunities this gave her and seized the chance to start her own business.

After nearly two decades in banking, Koula had solid experience of team management, creating positive working cultures, delivering wellness programs and more. She’d dreamed of setting up her own business to deliver these services to other businesses in the Sydney area – now it was time to do it!

Read more about how we helped Koula launch Revitalising Teams here.