Five reasons why time off work is important

We can all benefit from time off from work. It’s been harder during lockdown, without the structure of a booked holiday or seeing friends, and some of us have slipped into working “all the time.” In turn, this has led to stress and working from home getting some very bad press! The reality is, however, that working without a break can undermine our productivity, as well as giving us no time to enjoy the rewards.

At Get Ahead, we believe that taking a complete break from work can be very beneficial and even boost productivity. Here are five benefits of taking time off work:


5 ways a virtual assistant can help you during lockdown

Virtual assistants can provide invaluable services to businesses at the best of times, and especially so right now, when many people need extra support to keep their businesses running smoothly during lockdown. Remote, flexible working is the comfort zone of the virtual assistant, and that’s why we’re well placed to help you adapt to these extraordinary circumstances. Want to know more? Here are 5 key ways a virtual assistant can help you during lockdown.