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Struggling to get to the phone in time? Our phone answering service might be exactly what you are after.

If you’re out and about or just plain old busy, answering the phone can get tricky. You can’t answer your phone during meetings and conferences and so spend a lifetime filtering through voicemails. You know you can’t justify an extra member of staff to man the phone, so just struggle on.

But here’s a more practical approach. Divert your calls through us. We take your calls, answer on your behalf and get back to you with details of the caller. You can get on with what you need to do, knowing your calls are being handled with the utmost professionalism.

Holiday Phone Answering

Our team can also help answer your business enquiries while you are away on holiday. You can relax and take a break, while we collect and collate your enquiries and deliver them to your inbox.

A flexible approach to telephone answering

Available Monday – Friday from 9 am – 5.30 pm, all you need to do is divert your calls to us when you need the support. There are no contract limitations as you pay on a calls-answered basis and you can divert from your landline or mobile phone. Your caller will be told you’re in a meeting, on holiday, unavailable (you tell us what you want them to know) and will be invited to leave a message.

“When you run a fast-paced creative business you sometimes need admin support for short periods only. Committing to long-term external support isn’t always the best solution or what is required… It feels like I’m moving forward with trusted people at my side.” Sam Farrow, Farrow Creative

Professional & reliable telephone answering service

Get on with whatever you need to focus on – whether that’s a deadline for a customer, a day out with the family or an important meeting. Relax in the knowledge your calls will be answered professionally, with your business name and that full details will be immediately passed onto you or your nominated contact for you to action in your own time. If you’re called out of hours, your callers will be greeted with a personalised voicemail. Your callers get an excellent impression of your business and you get to manage your work around your calls.

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Using a telephone answering service helps on many levels. It gives a great impression of your business because someone is answering the call in person. It gives the caller the impression that your business is possibly bigger and more established that it is in reality. Callers are much more likely to engage and come away with a positive feeling about you and your business if they have had some interaction. Leaving a message with a person is so much more reassuring than leaving a voicemail message that may or may not be listened to.

The Get Ahead VA telephone answering team are based in Glasgow, so it isn’t possible to have your call answered by a specific accent. The team are extremely professional and take care when answering each call. They give the impression that they are part of the business that the caller is contacting.

When signing up for this service, we ask our clients to give us as much information as they can about their business. It is really helpful for our team to know what the business is about, current events, information on the team, new starters etc. The more information the better, and local regional information e.g. where the office is located, how to find it etc. is all really helpful in giving the team the right impression.

When signing up for this service we ask our clients to provide us with as much information as they can about their business. It is great if you can supply as many FAQs as possible to help the team from the start. The team are skilled at providing reassurance to the caller.

We encourage clients to share their calendar/movements with the telephone answering team. This gives callers a great impression and it always help create the allusion that the team are located all in one office together. We encourage clients to tell us stock answers as to why they can’t take the call e.g. ‘in a meeting’ ‘working on site’ etc.

Our telephone answering service runs Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5.30pm, with a voicemail for out of hours calls. If a voicemail message is taken, a copy of this recording is immediately emailed to the client. We also offer a 24-hour service.

We encourage regular communication between our clients and the team – if the client needs to take a call we can transfer the caller to the client’s mobile if necessary.

We offer a free, one-week trial of our telephone answering service.

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