I am the founder of virtual outsourcing agency Get Ahead VA and after the birth of my children I found myself at a real crossroads, torn between wanting to spend time with my family vs developing a fulfilling career. I have written this book for people like you in a similar position to where I was in 2010, dissatisfied with your current predicament, unsure of your purpose but certain that there has to be more than the rigid 9 to 5 working structure.

Get Ahead VA provides remote business and marketing services to our clients who are busy business owners. Our clients love outsourcing to us as it provides them with a flexible level of support rather than the rigidity of employing people.

In this book I am introducing you to a way that you can be your own boss, run a Get Ahead office and follow our tried and tested model to develop a flexible business that fits into your life. This is your chance to have a second career to be proud of rather than sacrificing your work for a flexible lifestyle. I want to highlight now that this book isn’t right for someone who wants to work as a virtual assistant (VA) or for someone fresh out of University looking for a first classic career.

We introduce our franchise model, which enables you to be your own boss and run a team, but not be totally alone in this.  You’ll have the support and guidance of me and my award-winning team to enable you to maintain a flexible business that can grow, and all from your own home!  No more commute, tricky boss or Sunday night feeling – heaven!

Work through the chapters of this book in order, and you’ll be amazed at the opportunity it will reveal.

What our readers say...

WOW what an exciting read! If you are thinking of becoming your own boss and want the freedom and flexibility without feeling alone then I recommend talking to Rebecca about her Franchise Model which enables you to run your own team with the support and guidance of Rebecca and her award winning team. There are so many helpful tips a must read for anyone who is in business or wants to be their own boss!

- Louise Floyd

What our readers say...

I received the book on Friday and read through it over the weekend, and wanted to congratulate you on it. Beautifully written, succinct and to the point giving a lot of inspiration for those looking to move into the VA space. Perfect size to read for depth but not to overwhelm as well.

Susanna Reay,

What our readers say...

I found this book of Rebecca's journey very informative and I will definitely refer people to Get Ahead if they are serious about creating a flexible business in this industry under the franchise model.

- Alex Hughes