What tasks can you pass on to virtual PA services?

Virtual PA services have both similarities and differences from the traditional PA model. Unfortunately, some business owners are reluctant to sign up for support from virtual PA services because they don’t know what they can reasonably ask their virtual PA to do. This means they’re missing out on some great support. 

If you’re wavering about taking up virtual PA services, you’re not alone. To help you, we asked virtual PA Juliet to talk us through the top tasks her clients ask her to do. We’ll also look at more unusual tasks and how to go about finding the right support to deliver them. Read on to find out more.


Meet the expert: Kell

Digital Marketing | Copywriting | Automation Expert

  • Kell is an extroverted, system loving, outcome orientated online business specialist who passionately and methodically serves online course creators and lifestyle entrepreneurs globally as a digital marketer ,content creator and automation specialist.
  • Having gained a decade serving coaches and online course creators, she has developed a comprehensive skill set encompassing various facets of online marketing, including social media marketing, email marketing, content creation, and systems automation.
  • With a proven track record in driving successful digital marketing campaigns and a deep passion for leveraging emerging technologies, her work has received industry accolades and awards in Business Leadership and Excellence for her innovative and intuitive approaches to supporting online businesses.
  • One of her key strengths is her ability to develop compelling content that engages audiences and drives brand awareness. She has successfully crafted and executed content marketing strategies, including blog posts, social media updates, and email campaigns, resulting in increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved customer engagement.
  • Kell loves weaving storytelling with copy that sells beyond the realms of an AI bot. The truth is, business is human, it’s about collecting heart beats, serving those who are here to make and impact and leave the world in a better place than how we found it yesterday.

Meet the expert: Britt

Graphic Design | Marketing | Photography

  • Britt is an experienced photographer with a background in graphic design and marketing. 
  • Working for several years in a project coordinator role for a printing company she has great attention to detail and is adept at multitasking and problem-solving to ensure projects are completed on time and to the specifications of the brief. 
  • Holding a Business degree with majors in marketing and leadership & management, and an interest in social media marketing, Britt wants to help small business owners with the marketing tasks they don’t feel they have the time for.

Meet the expert: Bree

Administration | Editing | Course Programming

  • Bree is a dedicated and diligent professional known for her exceptional organizational skills, quick grasp of new concepts, and unwavering work ethic. 
  • With a flair for Canva creation and a talent for lesson planning and course programming from her background in education, Bree’s expertise shines through in every project she undertakes. 
  • Her commitment to excellence and innate ability to adapt make her a standout contributor in any team. 

Telephone answering service Australia – peace of mind during your holiday

ur telephone answering service is Australia-based support for your business. One of our most popular services, we provide call answering for a wide range of clients. Some only use us once a year to cover the telephone answering while they’re abroad. Others use Get Ahead for other services and bolt on telephone answering when they need it. 

In this blog, we look at how an outsourced telephone answering service can help your business and how it works in practice


Digital marketing holiday tips – outsource social media

Outsource social media and you’ll have complete peace of mind that your followers will stay engaged even when you’re on holiday. But outsourcing is just part of the solution. There is still a lot you can do yourself to keep your social accounts ticking over while you’re taking a break. 

In this blog, one of our social media experts outlines practical steps you can take to ensure your posts stay consistent while you’re away. 


Meet the expert: Patrick

Accounting | BAS | Tax Returns | Financial Statements

Patrick has partnered with GAVA for your accounting needs including BAS, tax returns and financial statements. 

Delivering proactive accountant committed to giving people the information they need to make better decisions to meet their financial objectives.

After years of providing strategic advice and tax services to medium and large businesses in mid-tier accounting firms, Patrick decided to change course and start working directly with individuals and small business owners who need and deserve the same bold advice and strategies. Committed to personal, proactive service – your relationship with your accountant is only ever successful when it’s based on trust and authenticity.

Business admin for personal trainers 

Business admin for personal trainers can be a distraction from your core business. If you’re a personal trainer, your business is to help your clients get fitter, stronger and healthier – it’s a brilliant job and you make a real difference to people’s lives. 

The downside of being a great personal trainer and offering a fantastic service to your clients is that you might fall behind on your business admin. Fortunately, Get Ahead are here to help! In this blog, one of our admin experts looks at some of the key challenges personal trainers face and how they help overcome them. 


Meet the expert: Samantha

Social Media Strategy |  Digital Marketing | Virtual Assistance

Meet Samantha, your friendly digital marketing extraordinaire providing dedicated social media support and targeted small business organisation. Samantha plays a crucial role for many small to medium-sized businesses throughout Australia, drawing on her unique skill set and background to steer them towards digital breakthroughs.

With a flair for curating high-converting social media strategies and generating invigorating organic content, Samantha doesn’t just help businesses survive in the digital landscape, but to cut through and build ongoing connections with their target audiences. She’s passionate about empowering business owners, enabling them to grow their audiences, boost their profits, and amplify their online presence. 

Whether she’s revamping social media profiles, creating killer copy,  meticulously crafting content plans or providing expert advice on diverse social media content, Samantha’s work is comprehensive and transformational. She also brings extensive skills in the development of effective email marketing campaigns, optimising local SEO, and setting up and fine-tuning Google Business Profiles to maximise online visibility.

What sets Samantha apart is her balance of tech-savvy marketing skills with impeccable administrative insights. Her background in corporate banking, auditing, risk management and compliance enables her to streamline operations and drive efficiency. In Samantha, you’ll find a warm and expert presence who will not only organise your digital world, but also your entire business. Her grounded support will declutter your processes and align action plans seamlessly with business priorities.

Holding a BA Honours in Finance & Marketing from London Met Uni and with a host of professional development experiences across an array of digital marketing disciplines, Samantha is the trusted adviser every Australian business needs in this digital age. 

Outsource digital marketing to support your well-being business 

Outsource digital marketing and you could see a real difference in your online presence. 

Getting your business out there can be tough if you work in the well-being industry. Your diary is so busy with appointments that it’s hard to find time to blog or post on social media. Equally, your expertise might lie in hairdressing, manicures or reflexology, rather than marketing. That’s no bad thing – everyone can do something but no one can do everything. 

How automation helps business is a common question at the moment. Automation, bots and AI seem to be everywhere, but are we using them in the right way to take our businesses to the next level?

This blog looks at how automation can streamline your processes and drive business growth.