What are the advantages of working with a virtual PA?

As outsourcing experts and flexibility champions, the team at Get Ahead can see many reasons why delegating admin to a virtual PA (also known as a virtual assistant) is great for your business. It’s worth noting that we outsource our admin to our own remote team, doing just what we recommend to our clients and reaping the same benefits.

Here are the top reasons working with a VA is an efficient solution for your business.


Get Ahead and business coaches – a great team

Get Ahead and business coaches share an ethos – we both exist to support businesses and help them thrive and grow. While a business coach will help you adopt the right mindset for success; Get Ahead will help you with the practical side of running a business.

In this blog, we look at why working with both a coach and a virtual expert might help you grow your business.

Business coaching – a tried and tested solution


Outsourced services – a great resource for coaches

Get Ahead has been supporting coaches for almost as long as we’ve been in business. Some of our most successful working relationships have been with life coaches, business coaches and personal branding experts.

In this blog, we look at why outsourcing is a great solution for coaches.

Why is Get Ahead a valuable resource for coaches?

Coaches, like other business owners, usually have a long to-do list. In addition to working with clients to help them find their strengths, we know that coaches also have to market their businesses, stay on top of invoicing, create resources, keep up with the filing and more.


Start with a bang – outsource your admin support

We’ve had a great month getting everything lined up for an exciting year ahead. At Get Ahead, we love the fresh start January gives us – we always take the opportunity to review our systems and put plans in place for the coming year.

In this blog, we look at how businesses can start with a bang in 2022 by choosing the right outsourced admin support.


How do I ask for virtual assistant help when I don’t know what I need?

The team at Get Ahead have talked to a lot of business owners over the last ten years. We’ve found that while many know what business support they need, just as many don’t. However, it is often the case that the people who don’t know how to ask for help are the ones who need it the most.

In this blog, we look at how to recognise whether you need help and how to access the right support.


Online training facilitation – how a VA can help your training run smoothly

As we embark upon England’s second lockdown, it’s great to see how many businesses have been able to relaunch (or continue) homeworking, building on everything they learned last time. In these trying times, we’ve seen a material demand for Zoom facilitation, particularly for training sessions. We’ll be honest with you, we’ve had to ramp up our skillset pretty quickly too, but now Get Ahead VA is offering a behind-the-scenes service for online training that we are really proud of.

Because Zoom training facilitation is a new service, we’ve noticed that while some clients know exactly what Zoom challenges they are trying to overcome, others have no idea what aspects of online training they could possibly outsource! In this blog, we break down the elements of online training facilitation to give you a clearer picture of how outsourcing Zoom management and tapping into our Miro expertise could help you.


How to write a creative brief

If you’re new to outsourcing, you might not have written a brief before. The prospect of crystallising your business into a few sentences for a graphic designer, copywriter or other creative to work from may seem daunting. However, by staying focused, you can write a great brief that will translate into work that builds your brand.

Here are six questions to ask yourself as you’re writing your brief:


VA agencies – your direct route to efficiency

No business could be a bigger fan of outsourcing than GetAheadVA. The regional directors and I practice what we preach, outsourcing our own business tasks within the team, freeing us up to connect with clients, do our own virtual assistant work and still have time to go for a run. If you’ve called us and we’re not there, you’ll have encountered our efficient phone answering service, and all those gorgeous infographics you’ve seen on LinkedIn were created by our own graphic design experts.

There are a number of excellent VAs who operate alone, but we firmly believe that VA agencies offer a more efficient, flexible service. In this blog, we look at why outsourcing to an agency makes sense for your business.


Outsource to a VA and reconnect with your “why”

Remember why you started your own business? It might have been because you’re a creative person and you recognised that you should be making a living from your talents instead of letting them stagnate. Or maybe you wanted the freedom to flex around the needs of your family, improving your work/life balance and being there for the people you love best. Perhaps hobbies or voluntary work are important to you and you wanted to be able to choose how you spend your time. Maybe it was just plain old maths – you realised you could make more from your profession if you worked for yourself than if you worked for someone else.