Trade shows – what to consider before you sign up

At Get Ahead, we love business exhibitions. We love the energy in the room and we love meeting people. It’s exciting to learn about the latest industry trends, and some of our most productive relationships have been started at expos.

However, expos are not for everyone. They are great marketing tools, but they are not a magic spell to double your business or become the market leader. You might get a lot out of attending an expo, or you might not. In this blog, we look at what to consider before you sign up.


After the expo – top tips for effective follow-ups

Busy expos are tiring, but the work doesn’t finish when you take your stand down. It’s important to keep the momentum going by following up with the people you met at the expo as soon as you can. If you don’t follow up, some of your work at the expo will be wasted – a real shame when you consider how much you’ve invested in the event.

Here are our top tips for effective follow ups:


How does Get Ahead support clients at business expos?

Regular followers of Get Ahead will know that we love an expo, and our regional directors have really enjoyed getting back out to promote the business. But did you know that we also support our clients before, during and after business expos? An expo is a big commitment, but with our help, clients can get more from the event and embrace all the opportunities it gives them.

Here’s how Get Ahead supports businesses at expos.


Ideas for effective business expo promotions

Promotions, competitions and giveaways can create a real buzz around your business expo stand, both in the real world and online. However, it’s important to put thought into your promo so it works for your business and isn’t just a gimmick.

In this blog, we look at how to plan promos and pass on some ideas that work too!


What is strategic networking and why is it important for my business?

Strategic networking is an important part of the toolkit of our regional directors. Get Ahead is well established in its hometown of Guildford, and the first job our new franchisees face is to spread the word in whatever new locality we are expanding into, from Leeds, South Yorkshire and the Wirral to the branches in the Midlands and the Home Counties.

Here is how strategic networking works for Get Ahead – could it work for your business too?


How to conduct an effective networking 1-2-1

One-to-ones are an important element of networking. When carried out with the right approach and motivation, they can be a highly effective means of building professional relationships and ultimately helping you to build your business.


How to tackle the elevator pitch

Get Ahead VA is very proud to have branches across the country, and the Regional Directors that run them are brimming with good advice about being your own boss. Today Salvatore, who runs the Bristol branch, is here to share his advice about the all-important elevator pitch.

As a Get Ahead VA Regional Director, I do a lot of networking, and one vital tool for this is the elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is a quick and punchy sales pitch, designed to explain who you are, what you do, and what you can offer to potential clients. This can be delivered formally (many networking meetings give everyone a chance to pitch to the room), or informally, during one-on-one mingling sessions, which is where the real connections are made.


How to network effectively

Get Ahead VA is very proud to have branches across the country, and the Regional Directors that run them are brimming with good advice about being your own boss. Today, Salvatore, who runs the Bristol branch, is here to share his top tips for business networking.

Hi! I’m Salvatore and I set up the Bristol branch of Get Ahead VA in September 2018. A big part of getting the business off the ground has been networking, so while I’m relatively new to this type of networking, I’ve done a lot of it in the last few months and I’ve learned plenty of useful things. If you’re not sure about where to start with networking, here are my tips for doing it effectively.


4 ways to build lasting business relationships

According to the age-old saying, business is all about who you know, and it’s true that building good relationships with other professionals is a fantastic way to grow your business and ensure its longevity. That’s why, in the spirit of the UN’s International Day of Friendship on 30th July, we’re looking at how to build lasting business relationships.

There are all sorts of business relationships – colleagues, employer–employee, business to business, business to client – but whichever ones you’re interested in nurturing, these tips should work for them all. Here are 4 ways you can build strong and productive business relationships.