Why is email marketing effective for businesses?

Email marketing is a valuable tool for any business, large or small. Studies show it’s one of the top ways of driving conversions, as well as being a great means of building your brand. Let’s take a closer look at why email marketing is so effective for businesses…


5 reasons why social media shops should be part of your retail strategy

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us are doing more online shopping than we used to. We’re also spending more time on social media: Facebook Instagram and WhatsApp all report a surge in social media activity while we’ve all been stuck at home. So it makes sense for social media platforms to bring these two phenomena together and provide Facebook and Instagram shopping. This is a trend that has gained momentum during the last year, and we believe retail businesses should be seizing the opportunity to showcase their products to a new audience.


Outsource your business development and other tips for serious scale-ups

A report by the Financial Times at the end of last year showed that small business numbers surged during 2020. Many embraced a new opportunity life had thrown at them, starting up the business they’d always wanted to run. We know what it’s like to be a start-up, and the Get Ahead team are thrilled to be providing outsourced services for some of the pandemic’s newest entrepreneurs. Our services include admin, marketing and business development, all of which are crucial for any growing business.

For many new business owners, the time will come when you have to start taking your business processes seriously. You’ve stopped being a start-up; now you’re a scale-up. Usually this happens because your business has achieved a size where carrying information on a basic spreadsheet no longer works. Sometimes you have to change your processes in response to a problem, or you might be trying to look more professional in order to attract the right clients or finance.

Here are four things you can put in place that will streamline your systems and support business growth:


How do I ask for virtual assistant help when I don’t know what I need?

The team at Get Ahead have talked to a lot of business owners over the last ten years. We’ve found that while many know what business support they need, just as many don’t. However, it is often the case that the people who don’t know how to ask for help are the ones who need it the most.

In this blog, we look at how to recognise whether you need help and how to access the right support.


Five reasons why you should write a business book

Last year, Get Ahead founder Rebecca Newenham published her first book, Virtually Yours. It was an incredible learning experience, and having written it, Rebecca is seeing a variety of benefits that she hadn’t anticipated. Writing a business book has advantages for career development, marketing, networking and more. Here’s how Get Ahead benefited from publishing a business book:


What is strategic networking and why is it important for my business?

Strategic networking is an important part of the toolkit of our regional directors. Get Ahead is well established in its hometown of Guildford, and the first job our new franchisees face is to spread the word in whatever new locality we are expanding into, from Leeds, South Yorkshire and the Wirral to the branches in the Midlands and the Home Counties.

Here is how strategic networking works for Get Ahead – could it work for your business too?


Why you should be consistent on social media, and how to do it

LinkedIn always goes a bit quiet over Christmas, with many of us closing for business until New Year. When we all reopened for business, however, Get Ahead hit the ground running and we were pleased to see our first posts of the year getting good traction. Our social media managers are always encouraging Get Ahead clients to be consistent in their posts and we’ve seen for ourselves that it works in practice. In this blog, we look at why it works and how to achieve it for your business.


Long term remote working – five ways to make it work for your business

We’re all starting to acknowledge that Lockdown 3.0 is different from the other two. Last year, we were winging it; now, we’re accepting a new normal. Many workers are finding working from home has improved their quality of life, saving them a commute and allowing them to see more of their families. And as we’ve spent nearly a year in and out of covid-19 restrictions, homeworking seems to be the solution to a number of different problems.


Five social media mistakes you’re probably making

If you follow Get Ahead on social media, you’ll know how much we love it – LinkedIn in particular is an important way we network with clients. Social media has something for everyone – it can be as pre-planned or spontaneous as you need it to be, and plays a big part in many marketing strategies. However, it’s vital to put some thought into the way you use social media in order to interact with your customers and drive conversions.

Here are some of the mistakes our social media managers have spotted small businesses making recently:


Top tips for time management

Many of us will have made new year’s resolutions. Whether or not yours was to manage your time better, good time management will enable us to take more exercise, eat more healthily, be less stressed and generally achieve whatever we resolved to do!

Good time management also helps productivity – you can do more in a well-planned hour than you can in a chaotic afternoon. Good time management can even keep you motivated, and support a good work/life balance. Above all, it’s important in these trying times, with more of us working from home and juggling work and family.

Here are our top tips: