Stay on track with professional holiday business support


Taking a holiday shouldn’t be an extra thing to worry about.

But when you run your own business, it can feel exactly that way. Who will take your calls, respond to your emails and keep those important projects moving along? You find yourself constantly checking emails and taking calls while you’re away – you don’t get to relax, and your family doesn’t get to enjoy quality time with you.

Use our Holiday Cover service and relax, knowing it’s business as usual despite your absence. Our team of professionals will look after your emails, calls and even your clients so you can return refreshed and relaxed.

A flexible approach to holiday cover

Tell us what you need help with and we’ll get onto it. We’ll cover a last-minute night away or a three-week escape, whatever and whenever you need our support.

Qualified and trusted admin professionals

Your dedicated VA will look after your business for you while you’re away, picking up the tasks you request. Working remotely, we’ll take your calls, check and action your emails and manage projects you’ve briefed us on. We’ll even look after specific clients if you ask us to, leaving them feeling looked after. You’ll return from holiday feeling refreshed, without the dread of sorting through hundreds of emails and numerous issues.

Ready for some help? Call us today or complete the enquiry form below to chat with us and see how our Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business.

Here are some of the services our expert VAs help with:

  • Telephone answering
  • Responding to emails
  • Completing business support tasks
  • Taking care of specific clients


Please don’t worry, your anxiety is only natural. Our team are used to picking up and managing other people’s inboxes. The handover will be a great opportunity to run through things and put your mind at ease.

Use your handover as an opportunity to brief your VA on the type of emails you receive and how you would like them to be handled:
Firstly, agree the outcomes e.g. you want an empty inbox, you only want to see urgent emails etc.
Delete junk mail or not
Reply to urgent emails and agree responses
Are you going to be dipping into your emails at the end of each day?
Agree a flag system e.g. read only, reply on return etc.
A brief on what your business does is useful for your VA too

You can set a maximum time per day or agree how many times a day you would like your VA to look at your emails. Ideally at the start of the day, lunchtime and late afternoon. Your VA will time to the minute and record her time daily.

Your VA will agree this with you at your handover. It’s good to run through possible emergency scenarios and how you would like your VA to deal with them. Agree at what stage you would like to be involved, if at all.

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