Admin support to help your business thrive


Running a business shouldn’t leave you running out of steam.

But there’s just so much to do, and when your time is taken up with admin tasks like creating client presentations, preparing contracts or project research, things can feel overwhelming.

But there is an easy answer; let us take the strain. You get on with the work you want to do, while our team of focused admin professionals take those time-consuming admin tasks off your hands.

A flexible approach to business admin

Whether you need seasonal support to get you through a busy period, ongoing cover or an extra pair of hands for a few hours each week, we’re here to help you.

“When you run a fast-paced creative business you sometimes need admin support for short periods only. Committing to long term external support isn’t always the best solution or what is required… It feels like I’m moving forward with trusted people at my side.” Sam Farrow, Farrow Creative

Qualified and trusted admin professionals

You’ll be paired with an experienced Virtual Assistant (VA), ready to take on your requirements. Your VA will work remotely and stay in close contact with you, giving you regular progress updates so you stay in control.

Ready for some help? Call us today or complete the enquiry form below to chat with us and see how our Virtual Assistants can help you grow your business.

Here are some of the services our expert VAs help with:

  • Creating PowerPoint presentations Transcription services
  • Taking & publishing meeting minutes
  • Preparing & collating proposals and contracts
  • Managing orders & enquiries
  • Proofreading & editing
  • Internet research
  • Posting & emailing


How will I know that the work is being done if I cannot see my VA?

Your VA is trained to work remotely and communicate in the most effective way. They are used to working to deadlines and are extremely efficient at working in this way.

Will I have the same VA each time?

At Get Ahead VA, we pride ourselves on matching our clients with the most appropriate VA. This enables both parties to develop a solid working relationship. Your VA will also be trained to get to know your business quickly and efficiently.

What happens if my VA is ill?

The beauty of working with our agency is that we are able to offer cover very quickly from our bank of VAs should your VA be ill.

What happens when my VA goes on holiday?

Again, the beauty of working with our agency is that we are able to offer cover very quickly from our bank of VAs to provide holiday cover. Your VA would provide your holiday cover VA with a full brief of the work that needs to be carried out in their absence. This means you would therefore benefit from seamless support.

How do I know what to hand over to my VA?

Our VAs are trained to help you identify areas of work to hand over. We always suggest that, as you are working, think if that task is essential for you to carry out or whether it would be more efficient to hand it over. We have a great ebook detailing tips on getting the best out of your VA (EBOOK)

How can I control how long my VA spends on completing their work?

We always suggest that you set a timescale for any piece of work, especially when you are first working with your VA, so you can monitor how long tasks take to carry out.

What happens if the work is wrong/not up to scratch?

Strong communication is critical in your working relationship with your VA. You must raise any issue with your VA’s work immediately and ask them to rectify it, free of charge. By all means, raise the issue with the franchisee too.

What happens if my VA doesn’t have the skills I need?

The beauty of working with our agency is that we are able to utilise relevant skills from our VAs across our entire team. Your VA will be honest about their capabilities and if they can’t support you with a specific task, they will find someone within the team who can best assist you.

Can I have a discount on the increasing number of hours?

We charge to the minute, but would be happy to look at a sliding scale if the monthly hours were over 30. For social media and administration, we offer various packages.

What if I need the work doing immediately?

When you start working with your VA, please let them know how you like to work and if the nature of your task requires immediate action. If something is extremely urgent and your VA does not have the capability, then we can find someone else within the team who can slot in and provide immediate support.

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